Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bound and gagged

Wow, thanksgiving was a fun time, Stupid brown sweater tights and a brown dress with brown heels to match. God my sisters were dressed similarly, but they don't have to wear stupid sweater tights, and they even will make fun of me because they know sweater tights are itchier than the ones they wear, but they also think I still like wearing tights. My parents were gone all day friday so I was the unlucky one who got bound and gagged using our tights, and then took our three pairs of dirty brown tights. My oldest sister rosey did turn on Nathalie though and fully encased her also. She didn't stop by untying us before our parents got home around 11:30, she put us in our beds fully encased and closed our doors and told us she would come and untie us in the morning. So she told our parents we were sleeping and let us sleep in our tights. They weren't really that comfortable, but they did keep me warm and i actually got a decent nights sleep, but i rather of just slept without my tights on and covering my whole body. The worst was that these tights were dity and my sisters spent most of the day helping in the kitchen were it got pretty warm so they definetly sweated a little bit while wearing them. Also the taste of my dirty i had worn on tuesday didn't taste to good in my mouth. We have gym class on tuesday and since my school is so small that they bother having us change, they just don't allow black shoes, so i have to wear a pair of tennis shoes during gym, but my tuesday and friday tights are always really smelly, so they are the worst of the worst for gagging. The first pair of tights i was ever gagged with were my sister Nathalie's dirty blue ribbed tights she had worn to gym that week, they were terrible, but it makes most gags not seems as bad now. But thanksgiving was a fun week, except the wearing tights, and the encasement sleeping wasn't as fun.

Thanks for listening,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Uncomfortable times

Hi i'm back, and wow have this last week been uncomfortable. Normally at least Saturday i would get a break from wearing tights, but we went to a family function all day Saturday so I had to wear tights all day and then all sunday, and now i'm still wearing them rite now because I came home from school and then we went out to dinner, and i just had to vent while my family is in the other room. It's been terrible wearing these incredibly itchy and uncomfortable tights, but no so this is my 12th straight day of wearing tights, and even though my parents won't even be home tommorow, i'll probably end up bound and gagged with tights while wearing them so this is getting really annoying, if i have time later i'll try to get around to the story about Christmas Break Tights Bondage Bonanza, or so we called the 1 hour movie we made.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our favorite game

I know i haven't posted for a few days, but I don't want my family knowing about my little venting blog. So everyone is in bed right now, and my mom already picked me out a nice pair of sweater tights for Church tomorrow morning. I'm SOOOO.................. excited to wear them. But back to the point about this post, and that point is about probably the favorite game of me and my sisters. Although they like tights and I don't we do all have kind of a fetish for bondage. We each talked about it with each other, but being girls we couldn't really get rope or anything, but we really wanted to be tied up and tie each other up. So 2 years ago i came home from my friend's house, she had gotten sick and I to go home. Both my parents were working the late shift and wouldn't be home until after 10 so I knew it would just be me and my sister's. I opened the front door and walked in. I slipped off my shoes I had been wearing and then i heard both my sisters heels coming down the stairs. They were both dressed in matching school uniforms(at this time we all went to the same school), navy blue polo shirts, khaki skirts, navy blue tights, and black heels. They also even had blue tights on their head. They both were also carrying huge piles of all our tights. Nathalie then says to Rosey "Darn she's home what are we gonna do about this?" ( I had called to tell them i was on my way home so I figured I would just go along with whatever they said). So roseys says "I think i have a good idea". She then walks over to me and says "Sweetie we're gonna have to keep you out of our way until we're gone, and to do this I'm going to have to ask you to strip to just your panties." So I did as she said even though i was a little unwilling. So Rosie then throws what all 3 of us knew were the most itchy and uncomfortable tights we owned, and said "Why don't you slip into these sweetie." They were mine now and I've worn them to school and so I listened and slipped on the pink, white, and black striped tights. They lead me into the living and closed all the blinds and said that they didn't want anyone seeing what was going on in here. Rosey sat me down and grabben some more tights and bound my arms with 4 or 5 pairs securing my arms. Rosey then layed me on my back and did the same with my legs. I was now securely bound. While she was tieing me up I kept asking questions like why are you doing this and who are you 2, I was kind of playing along with the damsel in distress thing. Nathalie picked up one of our thicker pairs of tights, it was a nice white ribbed pair and it has polka dots on it. She said "We'll tell you if you just shut up and since we're so nice we're going to help you shut up." She then walked over me and told me to open my annoying mouth up, and i wanted to but i wanted to make it a little harder on them so I resisted until Rosey stood me up in a sitting posistion and Rosey yanked my hair and Nathalie shoved the crotch part of the tights into my mouth and wrapped the legs around my head securing the gag. I made a little muffled cry but due the thick nylon in my mouth nothing could come out. Nathalie sighed due to relief and said "See, now we can talk without all of your annoying questions." I just mmmphheed back at her. Rosey then told us that they were the school girl robbers. They went around stealing tights, pantyhose, and knee socks from girls when they're not home, and this is the first time they've been caught while stealing so they're gonna have to prevent me from interfering with them. Then Rosey asked Nathalie if they should the bondage method that they saw on the internet and Nathalie eagerly agreed. They then told me since I like tights so much then i'm going to love this. Nathalie gave rosey 3 pairs of red tights all exactly identical (they were our christmas tights). Rosey pulled one pair of my arms like a huge nylon glove. She then grabbed a few other pairs tights and wrapped them around my encased arms and chest securing them to each other. She then layed me on my back again and encased my legs and pulled the encasement all the way up almost to my breasts and secured the other leg to my gag. I wasn't all for this idea and began mmpphhing alot. So nathalie tells Rosey that she still is a little noisy and they should take care of that before finishing her off. So they take another one of thicker pairs of green and blue tights and wrap them around my alredy gagged mouth to double the size of that gag. I could barely even get any type of sound out. Rosey then chuckled and pulled the final pair of red tights over my head and encased my chest and left me in my nylon cocoon. For the next hour or so tormenting me as the school girl robbers until they got bored of fondling me with my tights. They both pulled of the hoods they had been wearing and smiled. "So, Joscy do you like the style of bondage we found on the internet?" asked rosey. "We found it on the internet" Nathalie stated. We figured if we can't actualy bondage material why not use our two favorite things together. Now i was actually kind of becoming aroused by all this nylon and kind of liked it so i just made a little mmphh that i let them interpret. They said they we're gonna leave my like this for a while so i could get the full feeling and let them know how it felt. So they both picked up their hoods and put them back on went back to being the school girl robbers. They took pictures of me and then took every pair of tights and wrapped them around my body they we're really having fun with me like this, and I was pretty happy. The best picture when i'm sitting there wrapped up in every pair of tights except their 2 hoods, and the 3 pairs we were wearing. So that's how it started our love of tights bondage, The next weekend i got revenge on the both the school girl robbers, I dressed up in red tights with red polo and a red hood. We all love being both aspects of it to whether the encased or encasee we love it. We even, now that my sister can drive, go out to this place called the soxx shop and buy tights that we want to wear or we buy big thick pairs of tights in set's of 3 for encasements, we also buy the thickest pairs for gagging to. Since 2 years ago we've all shoved and had shoved many pairs of tights into our mouths, and we've left each other squirming many times. Another story i'll share another time is about when are parents went on a retreat during the week before christmas, we were all on christmas break, and we went crazy with tights bondage during this week, we actually just for this week all bought like 30 extra pairs of tights, we stretched so many pairs of ripped but it was such a fun week, but that will be for another time.
Thanks for Listening,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Family

Hi, my name is joscelyn and I kind of needed a place to vent about my mom and two sisters. I go to a catholic school and both my sisters just graduated to go to a catholic high school. I am in seventh grade, my one sister is in 9th and the oldest is in 12th. Now we all have to wear skirts in these schools and my mom thinks once the weather goes below like 50 - 45 we have to wear tights. Now this isn't really a problem for my sisters for one they kind of like to wear tights and since they are in a more strict school they can only wear grey or blue normal tights. Now since they have left my old school i get all their tights. I have over 30 pairs of these itchy uncomfortable sweater tights (that's what i call them). Last week was the first week this year i've had to wear these uncomfortable tights and i really don't like it. My mom won't let me get tights like my sisters because she says it's a waste of money since i alredy have so many pairs of tights. I really hate it. Me and my sisters still get a long though and we play some fun games with our tights that I will tell you about some other time. Oh and the before the school year started we did a count a collective knee socks and tights and we have 95 pairs of tights, and 54 different pairs of knee socks and we each have 11 pairs of heels plus our normal shoes which we rarely wear.

Thanks for listening.